About Us

i4B has been found by a group of Cambodian youths who have skill on information technology (IT) and business management. Our objective is to fulfill the Cambodian market needs which are growing. Since 2007, we have provided services to private companies, NGOs, small and medium enterprises, product stores and restaurants in Phnom Penh capital and provinces of Cambodia; with these experiences, we are ready to serve customers the services and products with outstanding quality, reasonable price, and match their want.

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To be a Company that Customers Want.

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i4B is committed: (1) to provide customers the services and products with outstanding quality and carefulness, in order to get back their satisfaction; (2) to be a helpful employer for our staff; (3) to achieve enduring profitable growth by expending our brand and attracting support from customers and users.

Try to fulfill customers, our profit will improve automatically.